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I trust that you are wearing your hat and gloves already, just like me. Can you guess which one? It used to be a great weakness of Fussy.

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Are you studying? I seem to remember seeing one or two packages with your name attached in the gift room, so I have a good feeling that you'll be very happy this year.

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The New York City-based organization, which provides various services for those experiencing homelessness, received letters from children living in local family shelters. Please consider everything I have said for next year, and I will put something special under the Christmas tree for you This year a small lump of coal is a must, but please expect an extra something special as well! I promise you it is something very special that will bring you a lot of joy. Plus, there is an area where the child can list a few special Christmas wishes. Dear her name, I imagine you are quite surprised to see this letter from me. All year long, I have heard good things about you. Dear his name, It has now been a year since I last came to your home. Ah, but you might think that no envelope I have for you could ever hold a lump of coal, even a small one. And I would like a Barbie with the house and car. It lasted all through the night and all through the day.

In our factory, work is in full swing, creating new dolls, teddy bears and rocking horses every day. Dear his name I am sure you know that I live in a land of eternal winter.

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The boy wrote: "Hello Father Christmas! And I hope this gift will encourage you to be a good boy next year too.

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How to Write a Letter to Santa Claus (with Sample Letter)