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Concentrating only on the first ten minutes of the film, explain its possible appeal to 14 year olds and how the director has adapted Shakespeare's play.

I think it went out of line. DiCaprio needs a little time to get into the role, but soon he becomes a mind blowing and charming hero who is willing to sacrifice his life for Juliet. The first one was directed by Franco Zefferelli in and the most recent version in by baz Luhrmann.

These features also make the film somewhat cartoon-like with a lot of heightened realism. Although both versions are faithful to the text as the words spoken by the voiceover in the Prologue are the same, the methods of presentation are clearly different.

E]mblems of mafia gang-land hostility: guns, fast cars, and tattoos [. What I liked most about the story was the setting.

Shakespeare may be rolling around in his grave after seeing this film, but English classes all over the world can breathe a little easier when it comes time to take Related Documents Essay Film Adaptations Of The Great Gatsby Or Romeo And Juliet literature, like The Great Gatsby or Romeo and Juliet, are often adapted into film for many to enjoy.

These three techniques work together to emphasize this teaching by collaborating and synchronising with one another.

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Romeo and Juliet Film Review Essays