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Nora A,Stage F K, et al. For example, in Beijing, Shanghai and other first-tier cities, more and more white-collars have little time for lunch, so theyexpect to try new types of fast food every day. Harvard Business. Later the company also introduced rice-based meals to its lunch and dinner menus. To maintain its current restaurant-opening rate, KFC needs at least 1, new managers and 30, new crew members a year, and they must be ready the minute an outlet opens, because it is likely to be packed. Clean and elegant dining environment is their key to success in the important magic weapon. Brady J With KFC as its flagship chain, Yum! Sources: Company reports; Wind. The complicated legal, sourcing and distribution policy, the insufficient amount of infrastructure and local management expertise all showed threats to KFC, even some basic utilities were not easy to obtain in some places in China. KFC China closely monitors the entire supply chain, all the way back to animal feed companies and other input providers, and it trains employees in personal hygiene, including how to dress for the workplace and how often to wash their hands. Move quickly to establish a broad presence. From site selection to grand opening, it takes KFC China four to six months to bring a new restaurant into the world—about half the time required in the U. In fact, there are some important development stages for KFC in China.

The three-story, 3, square-foot restaurant was KFC's largest branch — with seating for people — and just a short walking distance from Beijing's Tiananmen Square.

Other niche brands could follow the innovative idea in devising this kind of products. To meet this challenge, KFC China established a distribution arm inbuilding warehouses and running its own fleet of trucks.

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Psychological Medicine. For this reason, the price sensitivity and the positioning of the target customers of products in KFC plays a significant role in the sales volume of KFC among target customers. The development of Beijing as a starting point for the development of KFC in the country as a prairie fire. Its executives have what they consider to be a very aggressive program for new product development, which is handled by a committee of managers from marketing, operations, product safety, and the supply chain. For example, China, as a country with the second largest populationin the world, the number of target customers and their purchasing power are believed to be great so the market potential are promising. Due to massive communication campaigns by local Medias of Beijing, millions of Chinese started to notice it. Within the marketing strategies, as a matter of fact, there are little differences.

KFC to keep returning the consumer division, can be divided into severe, moderate, mild three types. In terms of reliability and validity of the data collection part, it has a deep influence on the whole study results; the accurate data collection helps to provide effective analysis and thus ultimately draw a valid result while inaccurate one may lead to invalid analysis and results.

The company introduces about 50 new products a year some of them are offered only temporarilycompared with one or two in the U. The first is to enlarge and find a new market of its own business; the second is to better organize the resources and to reduce the business cost; the third to make good use of the scale advantages of the economy and to learn from others Bo Edvardsson, ; the fourth is to use the international business strategy can make good use of some of the preferential policies in the specific countries; the fifth is under the current condition, to own good international business strategies to deal with most of the difficulties Richard P In this way, they have more requirements for food and they began to in pursuit of high quality life, which provides good opportunities for KFC to be integrated into the Chinese customers.

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The clean, efficiently run restaurants have Chinese decor and serve Chinese food exclusively—no U. Psychological Medicine.

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Just entered the restaurant, there will be warm and courteous waiters greeted and provide personalized service, so you really experience the feeling of when a return to God. J,Rossiter, J. The novelty was wearing off. However, for the sake of hot-sale for the core product, price should be set based on comprehensive comparison with the same types of products in main competitors and the preference and psychological expectations of the target customers. Like KFC, it has undergone a transformation in China. Dunning JH In Beijing, KFC Corporation, the Development Department staff perennial traveled to Beijing every corner, on the annual construction and road changes significantly, the locals are easy to get lost in the local well known.

Franchising in China during their entry period would have placed them in a vulnerable position towards exposing their business intelligence and know-hows as legal protection of IP was very loose back in the days. Join the first franchise agreement for at least 10 years.

Owning the restaurants allows the company to closely control every aspect of their operation, from menu to decor, and to monitor result and the success of new products. Rosenbaum, However, different from the internal analysis, the SWOT analysis stresses on external environment of an enterprise covering political impacts, economic factors, social elements and technology information.

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The deployment of technology helps KFC impress the public as well as its target customers. For this reason, a lot of adjustments have been made to satisfy the Chinese customers, including trying best to provide fresh but not too familiar food menu to match the local Chinese tastes. KFC is by far the most popular fast food chain in China. Gradually, they have experience to manage four to five restaurants. As to weakness, there are highly competitive and peer vicious competitions and Intellectual property protection is not common in the industry. It is the localization in the cooking procedures that helps KFC to get a large target customers of children in China by means of adding Chinese ingredients to the KFC spicy chicken sandwich chickens. KFC established 16 beachheads as a way of quickly expanding throughout the country. Brands could take action to forestall such problems in China. Everyone knows the future will be a Kentucky company looks like. Executive Summary Reprint: RK Global companies face a crucial question when they enter emerging markets: How far should they go to localize their offerings? In the United States and Europe, fast food chains rely on networks of distributors to ensure that food is handled properly and kept refrigerated from the farm to the restaurant. In general, the aims focusesonbroad goals without time limitations; however, objectives are concentrated on specific purposes for a specific assignment within a limited time. In the United States, by contrast, KFC outlets are designed primarily for takeout—most of the dining is done at home. Concern in the West over high-fat, high-carbohydrate foods prompted the company to begin changing its menu and educating consumers about health.
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How KFC Changed China and How China Changed KFC