Essay geographic information system

When such disasters are identified, preventive measures can be developed. B,pg. Poor data gathering can result to poor results 4.

If an electricity company wants to build a transmission line, how will this affect nearby homes, the environment and safety. How can we monitor the recovery of the land?

gis features

This means area of interest can be analysed using grayscale mapping. And how did responders use Geographic Information Systems? Find locations supported by conditions. The success of this sector largely depends on the ability of a bank to provide customer and market driven services.

This called for new perception of GIS and people and procedure were included as major interface of GIS system as shown in figure 4. In a sense, data is collected from different regions to be placed on a map to study and learn the results.

Cartographersspatial analystssurveyors, programmers and remote sensing analysts are GIS-based professions. GIS is interdisciplinary in nature, having a distinctive role in geography.

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What is Geographic Information Systems (GIS)?