Analysis the tonight ensemble from west

Leonard Bernstein, West Side Story. Musical drama on a macro and micro scale: musical drama on a macro scale refers to how sections of the overall structure create musical drama, whereas musical drama on a micro scale refers to how individual themes can be dramatic because of how they are presented in the context of a section.

tonight west side story music

New York: Doubleday Simeone, Nigel. The bass ostinato plays on this, being a 3 crotchet repeated pattern.

Analysis the tonight ensemble from west

Brad Gill, who put his experience and expertise at my disposal. The vocal line are commands as they would be in speech: short, disconnected and affirmative as through metric regularity and emphasis on major beats.

The music and the lyrics are perfectly matched to create the feeling of anticipation in all of the characters plus the emotions they are feeling.

What is the meaning of the song tonight which is sung by tony and maria

Brad Gill, who put his experience and expertise at my disposal. The strings follow perfectly in accompaniment, filling the harmony and suggesting the articulation for the singer to adopt. Example climax of Cool, the episode starting at Bar Bernstein composed Symphonic Dances based on various material from West Side Story, including an almost exact transcription of Cool as the seventh Allegretto movement of that work. If the number was to be extracted from the narrative as is the case in the Symphonic Dances , it would still contain these qualities, but when it is married to the drama of the scenario, the material and its development take on a new level of meaning. All is highly chromatic and based on intervals of semitones and tritones, because of the tense and unresolved sonority of these intervals and the need for this effect in the drama of the narrative. However, analysis of the entire score is condensed into 38 pages, by no means the right scope for a detailed consideration of the material. In the narrative, Interlude II comes in the middle of Act 1, and from this point until the end of the Act, the scene is set in a tavern. Expanded ed. Analysis Bari-6 A fanfare like figure starts the number. Oja has written that, "with the 'Tonight' quintet, Bernstein once again created a masterpiece of ensemble, one that rivals the best of such moments in European opera.

It is at this point that the ensemble number Cosa Sento! By providing this analysis and using a method of benchmarking standards against canonic works, I hope that this thesis contributes to the discussion of aspects of high art in West Side Story, beyond the purely descriptive or brief comments which comprise the current discourse.

The song is used to show anticipation to the coming night, which will end up being the climactic part of the play. Woodbridge, Suffolk: Boydell Press The Count enters the room, and Cherubino hides behind the bed.

tonight west side story analysis

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