An analysis of old against the new in fences a play by august wilson

Troy maxson

Therefore, it could simply be seen as a task not quite finished. I'm gonna build me a fence around what belongs to me. As a child I built fences when it came to my feelings. These fences push people away and, in the end, Troy loses his wife and son because of the lofty standards he cannot reach. Cory struggles with being released from his father's hold. As Rose distances herself from Troy, she goes deeper into her faith and becomes more involved in the church. Rose builds her symbolic fence to keep her husband and her son together. He is also ashamed because he realizes that the only way he could afford the house is through his brother a mentally unstable WWII veteran and the disability checks he receives because of it. Wanna see my key? Alberta had a baby girl but died during childbirth. That way you have something can't nobody take away from you. Couldn't nothing touch me.

Troy simply negates Koufax's existence in his mind by saying, "I ain't thinking of no Sandy Koufax. Because the color barrier had not yet been broken in Major League BaseballTroy was unable to get into MLB to make good money or to save for the future.

fences august wilson analysis

He unsuccessfully flirts with Rose, and then yells at Cory to come outside and help him with the fence. When he doesn't, Troy feels his son has lied to him so he refuses to sign the papers from the recruiter that could help get Cory into college and later has his coach cut him from the football team.

Cory begs Troy to let him play because a coach from North Carolina is coming all the way to Pittsburgh to see Cory play. Continue Reading. They fight and Troy wins.

I wasn't gonna strike out no more.

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Analysis Of August Wilson 's ' Fence '